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Morgan County Tourism

Where Prairie Meets The Sky

Morgan County Tourism


Dining in Morgan County

Step into any of our diverse culinary establishments and be amazed. Morgan County has many types of cuisine just for you!



Recreation in Morgan County

With limitless choices of things to do, sites to see, places to explore and events galore, Morgan County has something for everyone!



Lodging in Morgan County

Enjoy just a night, a weekend or longer in Morgan County. We have a multitude of choices to fit every budget!



Morgan County, Colorado is where the prairie meets the sky… Only an hour drive, from metro Denver, on Interstate 76, find clear blue skies, waves of rich farmland and the beauty of the winding South Platte River.

We welcome you to enjoy our boundless expanse of wonder and entertainment! There’s something for the whole family when you venture off the beaten track and into one or all of our nine unique communities. Come refuel your body and soul in Morgan County!

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